Black Sand Quartz TONA Emily Dubble Sink -R 60" Glossy White Bathroom Vanity

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Elegant, smooth, beautiful. This modern minimalist style cabinet is designed to perfection. If you're looking for a minimalist closet with plenty of storage space, Emily R is for you. It not only provides large storage space with 2 drawers and 1 multi-layer mirror cabinet but also has soft-close hinges provided by the best Asian hardware brands to reduce the noise of opening and closing, bringing you a different experience at night. It is very convenient because the LED light belt guides you. The TONA Edison freestanding vanity has a high-quality integrated white faux stone worktop with a basin. A cabinet with U-shaped drawers has ample space for all your laundry supplies. A detached house makes up for vanity


  • New white powder coating technology
  • Unique hidden T-shaped handle
  • DTC damping slide rail
  • Ultra-thin U-shaped drain pipe access made of ABS material
  • Integrated quartz sand basin
  • Freestanding vanity unit with white faux stone integrated vanity
  • The glossy white one-piece washbasin is made from high-quality raw materials. And its gel coat is imported by Royal DSM.
  • The material is free of 156 hazardous substances, is REACH certified, provides food safety, and is scratch-resistant (HBa>40).
  • Steel forming technology and R angle accuracy ensure the high flatness of the sink and prevent water stains.
  • The integrated sink makes it easy to clean, antibacterial and non-yellowing. The sink effectively prevents splashes.
  • thin edge cabinet
  • World-leading edgebanding technology gives edge bands a sleek, modern look without compromising on robustness.

The TONA Edison freestanding vanity features a unique design with L-shaped edges and 45-degree angled edges. The frame is half the thickness of the cabinet when viewed from the front, yet the cabinet can support over 220 pounds.

U-shaped drawer
The U-shaped drain clearance design nicely separates the storage space and the drain hole, giving the bathroom floating vanity more storage space.

Major features

  • A compact vanity with a stylish look that fits in small or large spaces. Ample storage space: 3 drawers provide more storage space.
  • The unique T-shaped hidden handle and 45° beveled invisible handle are convenient, safe, and beautiful.
  • The DTC silent damping guide rails on the drawers operate very quietly.
  • The U-shaped drain spacer design provides good separation between the storage space and the drain hole.
  • Easy to install with minimal assembly effort.


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